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Elk Grove Village, IL. 60007

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  • dAs says:

    I just saw a video featuring your guitars on Premier Guitar Summer NAMM review and noticed a stunning moss green bass in the background. Did a quick bit of research and found some info on the BTF 150 from Guitar Works website. Beautiful. Unfortunately we don’t live in Chicago anymore so there’s no way for me to check it out in person and do a Pita Inn run afterwards! Do you happen have any dealers in the NYC / NJ area by chance?

    Many thanks,


    • Todd says:

      I’m sorry to say that at this time we don’t have any Authorized Dealers in the East Coast Area. But if you have any suggestions we would be happy to contact a guitar dealer in the area. And, please check out the website as we have recently done some some much needed updates. Thank you for your interest and hopefully one of our dealers can do business with you in the near future.

      BP Rose Guitars
      Sam Prace

      PS If you’d like to get in touch with me please contact me at 847/718-1711.

  • dAs says:

    Thank you for your reply Sam, I appreciate it very much. If you were to compare the neck of your BTF bass to an existing bass what would be a similar feel? Also, would be getting any audio samples of it up on your website?

    There is a guitar shop in Teaneck NJ, that typically has some mindblowing stuff in it called Lark Street Music ( not the greatest website) but an AMAZING store that might be a good place for your product.

    And in NYC… I dig the vibe at Ludlow guitars and Rudy’s Music they are in the process of expanding their SOHO store.

    Hope this helps. Sorry for the tons of questions.


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