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Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Sam Prace and my company is BP Rose Guitars.

I am a third-generation woodworker. I have been playing guitar since 1967 and I was always looking for something new in a guitar; as far as shape and tone. When out for a drive I would stop at every guitar shop and pawn shop that I passed along the way just to check what was on the market; new and old.

Throughout the years I also bought and sold guitars and went to auctions to see if they had guitars.

I began to study how guitars were built, first by what kind of wood was used to build them, such as flat top or archtop, solid body, hollow body, semi-hollow body, neck angles, radius’ for necks, pick ups, tuning machines, etc. I learned about everything and anything that could change the sound of the guitar to improve the tone. Whatever was used for building a guitar I studied and learned! At the same time I studied guitars I studied how violins were made.

I started to think that maybe I could produce a superior guitar design and tone than what I was finding and maybe I should build my own guitars. I started out using Strats, Tele’s and Les Paul shapes but I wasn’t happy and wanted something different and superior to what I was finding. After designing and cutting templates for different shapes of guitars throughout the years and finally in 1999 I came up with the shape I am now using. Before using these shapes though, I built my first guitars in my woodworking shop. These guitars that I built in my woodworking shop I gave away to kids that couldn’t afford guitars but wanted to play.

At that time I started looking for a guitar luthier woodshop that would be able to handle my designs and build my guitars with the quality I demand and with the help of Lindy Fralin Pick Ups, TV Jones Pick Ups, Gotoh Hardware, and last, but not least, Aria Guitars in Japan. BP Rose guitars are of the highest craftsmanship and superior quality on the market today.

And, here I am today after years of hard work…

        BP Rose Guitars

Sam Prace
        CEO & Designer

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